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Kythera Summer 2008 to 2010

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Bush Fires Near Mitata
August 2010

Myrtidia with M Komninos
and E. Cassimatey

P and M Prineas
Kythera 2010
with family and friends

Mitata House
with the Kanaris

Agia Pelagia with Kanaris and Cassimateys

At Scandia Restaurant

Lobster at Diakofti


Wind Mill model by Peter
Scate 1:10

Diakofti Beach.


With M Dapontes and Calocerinos.

At Mylopotamo with Papa Vagelis

Vasilaki's 2nd Birthday

Χρόνια Πολλα Βασίλη.
Vasilis Pantes 2 years old
Excavations at Paliokastro in the Agio Kosma area.
Sponsored by the Aroney Trust, Sydney, and lead by John Fardoulis and Greek Archeologist Aris Tsaravopoulos.
Volunteers from Australia nad Greece worked in the summer heat for more than 14 days.

The Old Well at 'Pantazi"

Aris looking at the Digs while John Fardoulis and John prineas look on!
Remains of buildings dating back to mid minoan times, (1500 to 2000 BC) were found in the area, but this was only the beggining. The area is of great archeological significance, and more will be done in future years.
Details to be found in John Fardoulis Facebook Albums.
John can be contacted at:

The Following
Photos from
Past Years

With the Family at Astor Hotel
Not Kythera !!!)

         August 2008                


At Mitata with Grandson
James Calligeros        

Pegasus at Diakofti


Relaxing at Diakofti

TheoTambakis and J Prineas at Diakofti-Kythera

The table of Wisdom at Diakofti

Ouzo and mezedes.

 August 2008

100th Birthday

Stratoula Prinea

Born Viaradika Kythera -1908

Stratoula Prinea celebrating her 100th birthday with her extended family and friends, at a dinner held at Scandia Restaurant - Paliopoli.

With her 3 children

Cutting the Cake

Four Generations
(2 Great Grand Children
James Calligeros and Mersini Prinea)

Our Koumbari at the

Making a Speach

Την πρώτη πόρτα άνοιξα
και στην ζωή εμπήκα.
Μια μέρα σουλατσάρισα
κι' από την άλλη βγήκα.
This was included in her speach.
The Balcony of KYTHERA

The view from Mitata
The Balcony of Kythera

Agios Giorgis -

Mum and Co. at the Mitata Wine Festival.

Theo Feros getting  Family History from Stratoula

Raquel tasting the wines.

Peter at the Mitata Wine Festival

  Mitata Wine Feastival

Mihalis in his Restaurant.


Enjoying Mihalis food at Mitata

More food at Toxotis Livadi.
Potamos Market day
Enterprising Children of James Prineas. (Kythera Family-Net)

 Coffee at Potamos
More from Mitata
Colourful Prickly Pears at Mitata
On the Ferry to Neapolis
For Lunch
Windmills of Kythera restored!

Please note, these 2 windmills
were restored to a fully
working order.

Mitata Windmill restored by Giannakopoulos Family

The Interior of the Mill.
Mr Giannakopoulos on the right.

The Mitata windmill is part of a new exciting tourist complex, complete with bar and swimming pool.

At the Windmill complex with manager Stamatis Petris and Mrs G. evening at The Windmill, Mitata.  Presentation by James Prineas.

The Second Windmill restored in Kalokernes.
The 3rd International Symposium of Kytheraismos

Kythera 21-24 August 2008.

The foundation Member of Kytheraismos Prof. Elias Marsellos addressing the Symposium

At the Symposium.
His Excelency, The Australian Ambassador to Greece Mr. Jeremy Newman -Centre.

Prof Soichiro Negishi, Speaking (in Greek!) about The Half-Kytherian Poet and Writer Lefcadio HERN.

The Medical team from Australia addressing the Symposium. Drs. Condoleon, Aroney, Leon and Poulos.

Attending the Symposium
(On the left, USA Commitee
member Vikki Fraoili California)
15th August at the monastery of Myrtidiotissa

At Myrtidiotissa
Aug. 2008
At Myrtidiotissa with our nephews.

Making Friends with Fratsiotes

J and A Prineas with my sister's daughter Mary Komninou-Raxouti, with Husband Kosta Rahouti and children Dimitri and Andromahi.

Dining at Scandia

Dancing at Scandia.

From Sydney with Love.
At Mitata Wine Festival.

 Kythera High School
From 2006 Reunion

Kythera Airport

M Samios Party

Peter Babakaris from Brisbane getting Information about his Grandmother.

Dr G Poulos and Marina
at Mitata.

The Kastro from the Calocerinos property near Hora.

At picturesque Kapsali with the Calocerinos.


The following text is from the website

The morning of June 27, 1850, Patricio Lefcadio Hearn was born on the island of Lefcada whose citizens are called Lefcadio. His Mother Rosa gave her son an Irish name, "Patricio," and the name "Lefcadio," a citizen of Lefcas Island.
Lefcadio's Mother was the exceptionally beautiful Rosa Antonia Kassimati (1823-1882) of noble Cerigote lineage through her Father, Anthony Kassimati. Irishman Surgeon Charles Bush Hearn (1818-1866) was an officer on the British Imperial Army Medical Staff at the Fort Santa Maura Military Post on Lefcas, Island.
In Ireland, Lefcadio was "Patrick Hearn." In the U.S., at the age of 19, Patrick decided to be forever known as "Lafcadio Hearn. At the age of eleven days, July 8, 1850, Lefcadio was baptized in the Greek Orthodox parish church of Agia Paraskevi. Lefcadio's body was immersed three times, face turned toward the east while the priest chanted " the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Ghost..." Rosa made 3 tiny cuts in the calf of each leg. This represented the Trinity: Father, Son and Holy Ghost.
Rosa had Lefcadio's ears pierced for gold earrings. The following month, August 17, 1850, her first son, year-old George Hearn, died. Rosa was devastated. She poured her love on Lefcadio, carrying him everywhere she went.
Every day there was new pleasures and new wonders on Lefcas Island to enchant Lefcadio. At bedtime, Rosa told stories to Lefcadio that made him tingle from head to foot with pleasure. When the pleasure became too great, Rosa sang a little song that brought sleep.
In July, 1852, Lefcadio and his Mother sailed to Liverpool, England, via Malta. They crossed the Irish Sea to Dublin, Ireland, to live in Dublin with Lefcadio's relatives. Lefcadio never returned to Lefcas.
On these islands of old tragedies and romance, the child, Lefcadio, was born into a life always to be shadowed by tragedy and romance to an extent almost fantastic in our modern workaday world.

David Baldwin
author of Lafcadio Hearn Virtual Diary



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