John G Prineas and #570 Kythera

Is 570 Kythera (1905 QX) something we need to fear?

This is a common question asked in the Internet.

So, why people are afraid of 570 Kythera?

The answer is that 579 Kythera (1905 QX) is a Comet/Asteroid and People want to know if it is a  PHA , (Potentially Hazardous Asteroid.)

YES… There is a celestial body called Kythera, and as it has already been reported in

The celestial body 570 Kythera (1905 QX) was first observed on 1905-?? By M. Wolf.

It has an orbital period of 6.3287 earth years. (ie. Its year is 2,311.5 earth days)

The comet 570 Kythera (1905 QX) was last observed on 16th January 2005.


570 Kythera (1905 QX) (This is the full name)

IAU Name:



102.81 km

Potentially Hazardous Asteroid PHA:


Near Earth Object ( NEO ):


Question: Is the comet  570 Kythera (1905 QX) potentially hazardous?

Is 570 Kythera (1905 QX) classified as a Potentially Hazardous Asteroid (PHA)?Answer: (unknown).

However: Its minimum orbit intersection distance (MOID) is 3.4214 AU.

Objects with an AU less than .05 are considered PHA.

At its closest point, 570 Kythera’s orbit is still nearly 68 times the minimum distance of .05 AU

So why the answer to PHA is - unknown?


John Prineas

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